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Modicana Spa

Services at Modicana are continuously evolving according to client needs. Our menu of services reflects the uniqueness of our clientele.

Facial Care

Facial skin care is essential to achieving a healthy, glowing and younger looking you. Modicana’s approach to skin care is to customize the service according to your specific needs. From simple cleansing to advanced anti-age treatments, Modicana offers a wide choice of facial services.

Body Care

Taking care of our bodies is among the important ways to stay healthy. Skin, muscles, lymphatic system — everything from head to toe needs loving care and maintenance to achieve a healthier you. Modicana offers services that cleanse, purify, soften, smooth, de-stress and, ultimately, lead to a more profound sense of wellbeing.

Hair Removal

Modicana uses leading-edge IPL technology to ease the process of removing unwanted hair. IPL is less painful than conventional laser treatment and can be used on darker skins.

Facial Care

IPL Photofacial (Max G)

Rejuvenation of the face, pigmentation and vascular
Complete, $199
3 treatments, $525
6 treatments, $900
1 local treatment, $99

XD , XF Fractional laser

Facial rejuvenation, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and scars
1 complete treatment, $350
6 complete treatment, $1800
Scars, stretch marks & local treatments, $100 – $500


Adolescent facial (13 – 19 years old), $50
Deep cleansing, $75
Soothing facial, $120
Perfection, $90
Anti-ageing facial, $90
Hydrating, $75
Purifying, $90
Micro-peel, $90
RF-Skin firming facial, $120

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Deep mechanical exfoliation, $90
6 treatments, $450

Natural Lifting facial

Face, $90
6 treatments, $450

Permanent Makeup

Complete eyebrows and 1 touch-up, $500
Touch-up, $70

Eyelash extensions

Complete, $125
Refill, $50

Body Care

Natural body care

Body, $90
6 treatments, $450

Trio-Zone drainage

Treatment of 3 sessions, $270

Body Care

Exfoliation, $75
(including extraction of the back and mask)

Body wrap, $60
(hydrating, firming or slimmimg)

Anti-cellulite and weight loss

Infrared zerona, $100
20 treatments, $750

Trio-cavitation, $89
20 treatments, $1200


Relaxation or therapeutic massage, $75 (1hr) / $115 (1.5hr)

Prenatal massage (as of 3 months), $85 (1hr)

Reflexology, $75 (1hr)

Lymphatic drainage, $115

Hot stone massage, $115 (1hr)

Aromatouch technique, $75 (1hr)


Deluxe, $30
(soak, cleaning of cuticles, buffing, cream and
regular nail polish or Vinylux, choice of colours)

Deluxe Shellac, $35
(soak, cleaning of cuticles, buffing, cream and
shellac polish, choice of colours)

Add french tip per hand, $5


Deluxe, $45
(soak, exfoliation of the sole, cleaning of cuticles, buffing,
cream and regular nail polish or Vinylux, choice of colours)

Deluxe Shellac, $50
(soak, exfoliation of the sole, cleaning of cuticles, buffing,
cream and shellac polish, choice of colours)

Add french tip, $5

Hygiene kit, $10

Hair Removal

IPL - Intense Pulsed Light Permanent Hair Removal

Upper lip, $35

Sideburns, $35

Chin, $40

Nape, $40

Cheeks, $40

Ears, $40

Underarms, $40

Bikini line, $70

Highcut Bikini, $90

Full Bikini, $120

Thighs, $120

Half-legs, $90

Arms, $120

Half-arms, $90

Full legs, $200

Back and shoulders, $200

Abdomen, $80

Chest, $80

Breasts, $45

Wax hair removal

Eyebrows, $12

Upper lip, $8

Underarms, $15

Regular bikini, $20

Brazilian bikini, $30

Full bikini, $35

Arms, $25

Half leg, $25

Thighs, $30

Thighs-bikini, $45

Full legs, $50

Full legs and bikini, $55

Full legs, bikini and underarms, $60

Shoulders, $25

Back, $40

Chest, $25


1 minute, $1

Packages and Kid’s Corners


1 deep cleansing / micro,
3 chemical peels,
3 photofacials


Redness or rosacea

1 deep cleansing / micro,
3 facials with lymphatic massage,
3 photofacials


Blackheads, dilated pores or acne

1 deep cleansing / micro,
4 purifying facials with lymphatic mass age,
2 chemical peels


Fine lines, wrinkles and loss of tonus

1 deep cleansing / micro,
4 anti age or perfection facials with lymphatic massage,
2 chemical peels,
3 fractional laser


Exfoliation package

Back exfoliation and mask,
1 deep cleansing facial,
deluxe manicure/pedicure


Massage package

Therapeutic massage and
deluxe manicure/pedicure

Therapeutic massage, basic facial
deluxe manicure/pedicure

Kid’s Corner

Princess package, $20
(mini mannini manicure, mini footprint pedicure)

Super hero package, $20
(hero mini massage, mini footprint pedicure)

Home maintenance

Post treatment gel, $75
Exfoliation glove, $28
Exfoliating cream, $30
Anti cellulite cream, $60