Modicana - All love begins and ends there |
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We strive to care for you as a mother would, so your best self shines through. Being your best self means that nothing holds you back from giving, growing and being happy.


When you are your best self, you have achieved harmony in three dimensions — in your actions, mind and heart. If one dimension is out of sync, perfect balance is elusive.


To reach a state of complete harmony, you must be healthy in mind, body and soul. A healthy body enables positive actions. A healthy mind leads to clarity of thought. And a healthy soul is open to giving and receiving love.


Caring and diligent

In everything we do, we take the time to cherish you, with selfless loving care. We are diligent in how we help others grow, and are inspired by the best and highest quality practices — just as a mother seeks out the best for her family.

Natural and safe

While using the latest technologies, we offer superlative natural ingredients and practices inspired by nature. Nature is herself a proud mother. She is the source of all we need, provided we treat her with respect and learn how to safely use her gifts to care for each other and ourselves.


Open and faithful

Motherly care means nurturing others unconditionally. Similarly, we are open and attentive to those under our care, helping them find what they need. We are all guided by a positive force beyond our understanding.

What people say

How we care

Modicana is a haven where people come and learn how to make their better selves shine through.

It is a place brimming with motherly love. A place where everyone plays a role within a close knit community of unique individuals who share a desire to learn, to grow and feel happy and healthy.

Body Care

Hair Removal — Facial — Microdermabrasion — Natural Lifting — Drainage — Body Treatments — Cellulite and Weight Loss — Massotherapy — Mani/Pedi — Eyelash Extension — Permanent Makeup

Soul Love / Food for the soul

Group Discussions — Meditation — Emotional Freedom Techniques

Mind Nurturing

Natural Product Classes — Educational Courses — Aromatherapy — Art Therapy


We offer products and services that help people achieve a healthier mind, body and soul. And, by helping them learn how to take better care of themselves, we remove barriers to happiness and growth.


We help you achieve harmony in heart, mind and action. We make you feel loved and cared for, as a mother loves and cares for her family. When you feel better about yourself, you also feel happier. We bring positive thoughts and moments of ease and lightness to your day.

Self Expression

People who associate with Modicana are regarded as soulful. They want to take care of themselves, achieve balance in their lives and seek deep human connections.

Our Team

Our people strive to think of others before they think of themselves. Their nurturing of others is a source of respect. They are mature, responsible and independent, seeking to connect deeply with those they care for. They have a strong sense of self-worth and are principled, quick to defend themselves and others. And, not least, they are trustworthy, honest and loyal to themselves and others.